Clinical Trials

A number of clinical trials are being supported by the Anticancer Fund making use of repurposed drugs.

Ketorolac in Breast Cancer Surgery (KBCt): (NCT01806259). Perioperative Ketorolac in High Risk Breast Cancer Patients With and Without Inflammation. A Prospective Randomized Placebo-controlled Trial. Investigation into the use of the anti-inflammatory pain relief drug Ketorolac during breast cancer surgery to reduce the risk of disease recurrence.

Nitroglycerin in Non-small Cell Lung Cancer: (NCT01210378). Nitroglycerin in Non-small Cell Lung Cancer. Investigates the use of nitroglycerin patches (of the type used to treat angina) to improve tumour blood supply as a method of improving response to standard chemotherapy.

FLUVABREX: (NCT02115074). Safety of Fluvastatin-Celebrex Association in Low-grade Optico-chiasmatic Gliomas. Investigates the use of the COX-2 inhibitor celecoxib and the statin fluvastatin to treat optic nerve gliomas.

A key intention of the ReDO project is to encourage more such clinical trials in the future.